How to install Zimbra 8 on CentOS 6

Zimbra 8 is a Free Email Server and is considered an Exchange replacement. Zimbra has an easy to use Web GUI that will allow you to manage your email efficiently. Here are the steps to take when installing Zimbra a Free VPS or Dedicated Server

1. Install CentOS 64 bit minimal install. You can use 32bit as well.

System Prep
Note IP Address
Check for internet connectivity
yum install system-config-network-tui
yum install system-config-firewall-tui
yum install nc
yum install sudo
yum install mysql mysql-server mysql-devel
yum install sysstat
yum install wget
yum install bind bind-utils

2. Create your MX records and A Records before you start.

DNS Setup
chkconfig –-level 35 named on
vi /etc/named.conf
Change loopback to IP – Listen IP
//Insert Zone info into named.conf
zone “” {
type master;
file “”;
}; zone “” {
type master;
file “”;
//Create Zone files mentioned in named.conf
cd /var/named
///////////////////// $ORIGIN
@ SOA (12 4h 1h 1w 1h)
www IN A
///////////////////// $ORIGIN
@ SOA (12 4h 1h 1w 1h)
211 IN PTR ////////////////////
service named restart
cat /etc/resolve.conf //////// search
nameserver ///////

3. yum -y install nc wget nano make nc sudo sysstat libtool-ltdl glibc perl ntp

4. Turn off sendmail if installed and turn off iptables.

chkconfig sendmail off
chkconfig ip6tables off
chkconfig iptables off

5. Disable selinux vi or nano /etc/selinux/config change the selinux= line to SELINUX=disabled

6. Add the mail servers hostname

vi /etc/hosts

cd /tmp

7. Download Zimbra to your server


8. Extract Zimbra

tar xvzf zcs-8.0.2_GA_5569.RHEL6_64.20121210115059.tgz

cd zcs-8*

10. Run the install script

./ -platform-override

11. Answer the prompts Y = YES

Do you agree with the terms of the software license agreement? [N] Y
Do you agree with the terms of the software license agreement? [N] Y
Install zimbra-ldap [Y]
Install zimbra-logger [Y]
Install zimbra-mta [Y]
Install zimbra-snmp [Y]
Install zimbra-store [Y]
Install zimbra-apache [Y]
Install zimbra-spell [Y]
Install zimbra-memcached [N]
Install zimbra-proxy [N]

You appear to be installing packages on a platform different than the platform for which they were built. This platform is CentOS6_64 Packages found: RHEL6_64. This may or may not work. Using packages for a platform in which they were not designed for may result in an installation that is NOT usable. Your support options may be limited if you choose to continue.

Install anyway? [N] Y
The system will be modified. Continue? [N] Y

You may get the following error if DNS is not resolving correctly.

DNS ERROR resolving MX for

It is suggested that the domain name have an MX record configured in DNS

Change domain name? [Yes] Y

Add your domain name next.

Create domain: []

MX: (

Interface: ::1

12. Next you will come to the Main Menu which will show your configuration. Select #3 then change the Admin Password under option #4 next hit r to go back.

*** CONFIGURATION COMPLETE – press ‘a’ to apply
Select from menu, or press ‘a’ to apply config (? – help) a
Save configuration data to a file? [Yes] Y
The system will be modified – continue? [No] Y

13. When it finishes hit return to exit.

To access the web administration console point your browser to :
The clients web console is available at :
You can configure domains and DNS later with in the Zimbra administration console.

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