Update Serial cPanel/WHM Script


This script will go through and update the serial on all your Bind/Named zone files. This is useful for administrators who may have ran sed, replace, or some other home grown application/script that may have modified the zone files. Once modified the serial needs to be incremented in order to let the DNS server and other DNS servers know that a change has been made and to dump any existing cache.


  • Installation

    The installation proceedure for this script requires that you have root access to the server via the console or SSH. Below are step by step instructions you should use to install this script.

    cd /sbin
    rm -f updateserial
    wget http://www.ndchost.com/cpanel-whm/scripts/updateserial/download.php
    chown root.root updateserial
    chmod 0750 updateserial
  • Running

    To run this script simply run the following command

     /sbin/updateserial -d /var/named

    The script will create a copy of the original zone file with a -serial-XXXX prefix added to the end incase you want to look/revert back

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